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Thermally Plastics

Laitigex® D


Laitigex® D is a kind of thermoplastic composed by mineral / Nylon PA-6(or PPS) . The features of Laitigex® D such as white, light (density just 1.50~1.65 g/cm3), good thermal conduction, high heat radiation coefficient, good electrically insulation and flame retardant. The plastic made with Laitigex® D could be widely applied in products which required good heat-conducting, such as heat sinks in the application of LED luminaries, consumer electronics, automotive cooling systems and etc.

Thermal Properties

Laitigex® D had specially thermal properties: with ordinary thermal conductivity (K~1 W/m-k) but extremely low volumetric heat capacity (Cp 0.7~0.9 MJ/m3-K) in meanwhile (about 1/2 fold of common plastics and 1/3 fold of aluminum). High thermal diffusivity (α1.0~1.5mm2/s) result in good heat dispersion, which in favor of shorten the time of mold released.