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nano mica
Nano Mica
nano mica
EP-22-E is as a good UV filter, which can block UV ray, especially for UVB and UVC range.

Nano Mica EP-22-E

Aqueous Mineral Dispersion

Chemical Type Modified Nano-sized Platelet Minerals Dispersed in Water
pH Value 8.0 ± 1.0
Nano mica contents 8% ± 2% (by Mettler method: 600°C, 2 hrs.)
Nano Mica Specific Surface 400 ~ 500m2/g


This nano mineral at a typical dosage of 1% wt (solid content) could enhance and improve the following surface properties:

  1. 1. UV Protection (anti-aging)
  2. 2. Far-Infra-Red Emission (keep warm, anti-microbial)
  3. 3. Anti-Scratch and Anti-Abrasion
  4. 4. Gas Barrier (anti-permeation)
  5. 5. Moisture Barrier

Handling Instruction

  1. 1. Always use deionized water in handling Nano Mica EP-22-E. Trace metal ions in hard water may cause precipitations.
  2. 2. Before use, dilute with deionized water in the ratio of 1:10, then optimize dosage to check targeted performance.
  3. 3. Wash and clean thoroughly with water after use.


20kg in plastic pails or 200kg in plastic drums.